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Alec Perschon, AIF

Alec Perschon, AIF

Wealth Strategy Associate

Alec is a highly accomplished professional, equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a specialized focus on Fintech from the prestigious University of Utah. His commitment to academic excellence earned him a place on the Dean's List, and he proudly stands among the inaugural group of seven graduates to receive the coveted Fintech Emphasis. Throughout his university journey, Alec demonstrated his passion for sharing knowledge and enhancing educational experiences by serving as a teaching assistant for two distinguished courses: "Intro to Global Fintech" and the advanced upper division "Fintech Workshop." These courses, based on the acclaimed Fintech Minor/Emphasis curriculum developed jointly by the David Eccles School of Business and the College of Engineering, exemplify Alec's dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Alec's enthusiasm for technology and innovation is further exemplified by his time he spent as an Executive in the Blockchain Club at the University of Utah. Alongside his academic pursuits, Alec exhibited exceptional work ethic and time management skills by maintaining a stellar GPA and completing his degree in an impressive three years. Notably, he was also the recipient of multiple academic scholarships that recognized his outstanding achievements. While studying finance, Alec worked full-time as a Lead Technician for the Tire Center at the largest Costco Wholesale in the world. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Alec is deeply committed to making a positive impact on his community through his active involvement in charitable initiatives. He finds great fulfillment in dedicating his time and efforts to support causes that uplift and empower others. During his leisure time, Alec enjoys engaging in various recreational activities. He embraces the thrill of adventure through snowboarding and hiking, while also maintaining a disciplined fitness routine through calisthenics. An avid reader, Alec keeps himself well-informed about industry trends and enjoys expanding his knowledge. Additionally, his love for exploration has taken him to diverse destinations, further broadening his cultural experiences.

With Alec's comprehensive expertise, unwavering work ethic, and diverse interests, he is poised to bring a unique perspective to his role at our company. His dedication to continuous learning, coupled with his passion for finance and technology, ensures that our clients will receive the highest level of expertise and professionalism.