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Step 1 - Initial Phone Call<br/>&#160;<br/>

Step 1 - Initial Phone Call

A quick 15-minute call lets us ensure we're the right fit for your financial needs. Just as you wouldn't consult a podiatrist for brain surgery, we want to ensure that we are the right fit for your financial needs.

<br/>Step 2 - First Meeting<br/>&#160;<br/>

Step 2 - First Meeting

Providing a prescription without a thorough evaluation and diagnosis would be considered malpractice.

In this meeting, we aim to understand your goals, concerns, and unique financial situation.

<br/>Step 3 - We Analyze<br/>&#160;<br/>

Step 3 - We Analyze

Drawing upon decades of experience, thousands of hours of training, and mentorship from the industry's foremost experts, as a team we will address your critical questions.

<br/>Step 4 - Second Meeting<br/>&#160;<br/>

Step 4 - Second Meeting

In this meeting, we will explain the steps needed to achieve your goals (in plain English).

At this point you'll see how our firm can tangibly improve your financial situation. 

<br/>Step 5 - Live<br/>&#160;<br/>

Step 5 - Live

If you find our team fits well with your needs, consider us an extension of yourself. As your financial partners, we're here to support you, handling the backend while you focus on what truly matters to YOU.

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