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Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence

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Organizing for a fiduciary engagement is analogous to running a business: you need to know your market, be familiar with the laws that apply to your
services and relationships, know what resources are available (capital and people), and assess any other constraints.


 Formalizing the investment strategy focuses upon
establishing proper portfolio diversification and
preparing an effective investment policy statement built on the analysis done in the previous step.


To summarize step 3 in two words is "due dilligence." This is the critical point where the planning, organizing, and formalzing is executed. In fact, all areas of fiduciary dute come into play in this step: the duty of loyalty, of care, and upmost good faith. 


This may involve responding to changes in the economic or market cycle, the pricing of investment services, retirement plan arrangements and the circumstances directly impacting our client's financial situation or outlook. In essence the starting point of this step is consistently working backwards through steps 1-3.